Armchair from “New Vintage” collection


This armchair is an example of Polish design in the spirit of minimalism. It is like Bowie’s vision of a happy people of Mars. It’s a wonder that this model hasn’t been discovered yet and hasn’t returned to living rooms with a bang – it’s only a matter of time. An armchair with an economical form, extremely tasteful in its simplicity.

The armchair is a Polish project known as Bolek, designed in the 1980s. The wooden frame was cleaned and protected with hard matt wax oil. The seat was reinforced with new upholstery straps. Upholstered armchair constuction with sewn new cushions with new foam fillings and with sewn locks. The upholstery fabric is a high abrasion resistance and dense weave in the color of broken white.

height – 72 cm
width – 61 cm
depth – 70 cm

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