Pultiruuri are tables made from fragments of varnished boards set on a steel structure. The aesthetics and the way it is made are reminiscent of the Bauhaus – lacquered wooden tops in combination with a bent steel structure create a light piece of furniture.

Depending on the selection of a particular board, it is possible to modify the colour of the frame, e.g. with the use of a chechat (pure classic!) it is possible to set it on a brass construction.
This furniture shows that by using an old, widely available but underestimated raw material, we can give it a second life and create a unique product.

At the moment we make tables for specific orders, but we are working on enlarging our assortment.

Made by: Marta Adamczak and Daniel Stoiński

Photo by Maciej Lemański

dwa stoliki kawowe na wysoki połysk
drewniane stoliki kawowe na wysoki połysk
politurowane stoliki na stalowej konstrukcji
politura na kombinowanych metalowych stolikach
politurowane stoliki w stylu bauhaus

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